Handle With Care: #thedailypost

This daily post topic really connected with me because today, this is exactly how I feel.

Generally, I am an incredibly positive person, always making sure that my glass is half-full and I pride myself on being the person to cheer other people up, or make light out of a seemingly dull situation, but even we positive people can have down days and today is one of those.

The only ‘bad’ thing that has happened is that I spilt my hibiscus tea from Starbucks and then proceeded to burn my mouth on the new one, which set off my grump, but I just feel a bit lousy today, and everybody that speaks to me, I am mentally shouting at and telling them to leave me alone, even if they are being perfectly pleasant.

I do not know if this is just a female thing, or a young person thing, but I wake up some days and I am just grumpy from start to finish, irritable and grouchy and nothing can alter or affect my mood. It is actually irritating.

So today my message to anybody that comes into contact with me is: handle with care!