Poetry: You.

Your laughter frightens me and your hands hurt me.

Your eyes pierce me and your charm offends me.

Your kiss and your smile touch the part of me that urges grass to grown and longs for longer than my collected years to share this earth with you for one more day.

The love I feel for you is so deep and so solid that I am not sure that it is even love anymore.

Not love like the kids feel at least.

Its deeper and more painful. Harsher and more fearful.

It surges thro0ug every move I make.

it controls my cries and my laugher, my work and my song.

The thought of a world without you and me as a pair is a thought that I cannot comprehend and that is the scariest thought of all.

Am I anyone aside from your partner?

The trust and reliance I have on our  match is more than the strongest of metals.

Your pride makes my wars worth fighting.

Your strength and resistance ignites a fire inside me that carries me up the tallest of mountains and carries my across the deepest of seas.

You are real, and it is your reality that I love the most.


The 18:36 #poetry

The 18:36.

A carriage full of suits and I am sat, bright red, tattooed and hair braided, amidst a sea of black and grey, pinstripes and cufflinks.

I often look around at people, wondering about their days.

Wives? Husbands? Children?

Wondering if they enjoy their job or if they have a horrendous gambling problem, but spend their days running a huge corporation, painted smile, with everyone else blissfully unaware.

But just for this moment, this 18:36, their stories don’t matter.

And neither does mine.

We are just travellers, going from A to B, and for this moment we are linked.

We are making the same journey and maybe I will never see any of these faces again and if I did, I probably wouldn’t even remember.

But then the train stops…

Fast forward!

Everyone springs into motion and remembers the mountain of work waiting for them at home, the ex boyfriend that they are desperately trying to avoid, the electric that has probably just run out.

Sometimes, the 18;36 provides short relief.

A pause.

before life presses play.