I am giving away some bits of make up that I got for Christmas and haven’t used! 

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Competition closes on Monday 13th Feb! 

Just a note, the two foundations have been opened in order to test the colour but haven’t been used properly. 

The blusher has been swatched. 

Everything else is unopened! 

Much Love xx 


ADVICE NEEDED: Beauty Subscription Boxes??

I have seen loads of things online about beauty subscription boxes and me being a totally beauty lover, am really wanting to give one a try. However, I have also seen some really bad reviews online. I know that companies like this will automatically renew your contracts, but apart form that, I was just looking for some advice about the quality of the products, and which company that you would go for?

I have heard about…

  1. Birchbox
  2. Glossybox

I am unsure if there are others but want all of your lovely opinions please!!

Body Image: Is Big Beautiful?

You are size 12 right? Not massively overweight but not skinny either? Been on fad diets but really love food? Wonder if you will ever have a figure like the ones you see everyone achieving? Yeah, well me too.

Every single morning I wake up, and say to myself, today is going to be the day that I change. Today will be the day where I turn into one of those girls on Instagram who has green smoothies for breakfast and takes pictures of berries delicately placed on their porridge. However, most days I fail. That is a lie. All days I fail.

I am not happy with my body. I have stretch marks, lumps and bumps, bulges in all of the wrong places and hate to look at myself in the mirror. I am sure that most of the people reading this blog will feel exactly the same as me. The problem is that all the women and men that we see are not these women and men, they are the people that have managed to make a change.

I have no idea what to do really. I would love to be one of those people but it is so hard. I am addicted to food. Totally. And I hate exercise. Will I be this size forever? Or will i grow?

Because of all of this, I have started to really hate myself. I look in the mirror and really really hate what I see. It does not help that I have a problem with my skin which causes me to have marks all over my body which is quite unsightly.

However, the point of this blog is not to ramble or moan. I see so often images of plus size models and women and men embracing the images and saying that “big is beautiful” blah blah blah. But I really struggle with this image.

Remember at school when you were rubbish at maths? But you got the award for being the best trier, or having the most persistence. AKA, you are not very good but at least you try. I feel that these images have a slight tone if this kind. When I look at these campaigns, I feel sorry for the women being depicted because I almost feel that they are being shown as a second best type citizen, a kind of, aww never mind, you are pretty in your own way. I have no issue with women of any size, but struggle with the message behind these campaigns.

There are also so many messages about body shapes. Are you an apple, a pear, an hourglass or an inverted triangle? None of these. In the above picture, I am most certainly round.
Maybe I am the only person who feels this way, but would love to know other peoples thoughts on these campaigns, or if anyone as any advice for a girl who can’t get her arse into gear and is scared she never will!


Beauty Products: What NOT to Buy!

The beauty industry is a multi billion pound industry. In every shop that sells beauty products, the shelves are literally spilling with hundreds of products that claim to do the same thing, with various price tags. Different companies compete to be the bestseller in whatever the new thing of the month is, or to have the lowest (or highest!) price tag.

I am a self proclaimed addict and total sucker for things like this. “A cream that can make me look like Kylie Jenner? SOLD!” I am honestly awful, and I have so many products that have been used only a handful of times before being chucked on the pile. That being said, I am definitely getting better, and I have learnt a lot over many years of wasted spends so wanted to share some of my thoughts on products that I believe are overrated. Now just a quick note, that isn’t to say that they don’t work for everybody, just my opinion 🙂

1. EOS Lip balm.


This actually applies to soo many lip balms that are on the market, but this product is a big NO form me. the packaging is so cute and the way that it applies is a lovely gimmick but it dries your lips out. It left ym lips feeling chapped and sore, and most of my friends that had used the product  said exactly the same thing. There are so many lip balms out there that are scented or that have perfumes in them that actually dry out your lips – not what you are buying the product for! My tip would be to stick to medicated lip balms like Vaseline or my personal favourite, Blistex!

2. Mac Fix +


Now, I do use this everyday, and quite like it, but would definitely not buy it again. It is very expensive and claims to fix your face for the whole day, giving it a shine free matte appearance. It is really refreshing don’t get me wrong, but I really do think that it is just water in a bottle. Very over-hyped, don’t waste your money.

3. Mac Make-Up Brushes


To be honest, I don’t have a lot of nice things to say about MAC in general. I love their lipsticks and I have a  gorgeous highlighter from MAC but I think they bank on the fact that they have a huge cult following that would buy anything that they brought out without disputing it, and I think their brushes are a prime example of this. They cost an absolute fortune and are no better than real techniques which cost a margin of the price.

4. Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Gel


I got this for Christmas and was so excited to try it, after using Fairy Liquid for years, I thought that this was going to be an absolute game changer. It is not. It leaves the brushed greasy, not clen at all, and takes twice the amount of time. I absolutely love the real techniques brushes, but this cleaner was not what I expected at all. I will stick to Fairy Liquid!

5. Face washes


I am quite lucky not to have particularly spotty skin, but I do get lots of dirt and stuff (eww) clogged in my pores so like to wash my face and use face masks and washes. There are literally hundreds of different types and after trying all sorts, I would say that there is preferences for each individual but don’t be conned by thinking, oh this face wash costs £20 it must be fantastic. It probably wont be and you will be £20 worse off. Stick with a standard non perfumed wash that does the job.

6. Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick


I generally really like MAC lipsticks, especially velvet Teddy which is my all time favourite but I got this one for my birthday, wanting a classic red, which is certainly is. However, it is almost too matte. It is really difficult to apply and makes your lips feel very clumpy and dry. I  like a lipstick that applies nicely and then dries matte where as this you really have to drag over your lips.

7. MAC Concealer


I have never tried the liquid concealers, which may be very good but this one is not. It is heavy and doesn’t apply smotthly. It may be just of rcovering spots as appose to under eye but I did not like it at all and it is sooo expensive. iw illstick to my Collcection 200 £2.99 concealer, which is the best ihav ever used.

Right, so ranting over! Gosh, that was a moany blog wasn’t it? I know it seems that I am slamming brands like MAC and maybe I am a little, but my point is to look at the products themselves and not the brand, or the price, simply believing that, oh it is by MAC, it must be brilliant. try things out and make up your own mind. Most of all, Have Fun!



Make up Must Haves: Everyday

This is a list of my everyday face and make up products. This is what I use every single day, along with brushes. 🙂

  1. Blistex Lip CrèmeThis is my all time favourite beauty product (maybe). It is meant to be an intensive moisturiser for your lips but I use it every morning before I put my make up on to keep my lips really soft and have never been able to find anything better.


  2. Clinique Dramatically Different MoisturiserAgain, this is an all time favourite that I have been using for years and years. I first bought it in New York where it was really cheap but have continued to buy it in the UK. It is slightly on the pricier side, but last ages. I use one pump every morning and it last for around a year. I struggle with sensitive skin, and also hate sticky moisturisers. However, this moisturiser doesn’t leave a sticky residue and is kind to my skin.
  3. No7 Stay Matte FoundationI have been searching for the perfect foundation for many years, and I am still not sure that I have found it but this one if one of the better ones that I have used. I have tried expensive brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown, but to be honest, I don’t think that they are significantly better than more high street brands and considering that they are double the price, you may as well go for the cheaper one. I tend to go for a full coverage matte base, despite not having terrible skin.


  4. Collection ConcealerAgain, I have tried expensive concealers but always come back to this one. I cant remember the exact price but I think It is something like £2.99 which is crazy because regardless of price, this is the best concealer I have ever used, especially for under the eyes.
  5. Benefit Hoola BronzerMy bronzer game has changed forever since discovering this product. I had seen it on loads of blogs but never wanted to fork out the money for it and I am totally aware that it is a lot of money to spend on a bronzer but it is so worth it. It is absolutely perfect for contouring and the brush that comes with it is the perfect shape. Love this!
  6. Mac Soft ‘n’ GentleThis is a lovely product. I don’t think it is worth the price tag attached to it, but it lasts forever and gives a subtle glow. I am not a big fan of that massive glittery stripe look so this gives the perfect amount of highlight without being too overpowering.

  7. Urban Decay Naked 2 PaletteI got this product for Christmas last year so I didn’t have to pay for it which is nice! It is a great everyday palette for someone that likes a bit of sparkle but with neutral colours. My favourites are the 2nd and 4th in from the left, which in future I will get as individual colours.
  8. Rimmel EyelinerThis is a really nice product and is dirt cheap. It is a felt tip liner which I way prefer to the liquid eyeliner or pencil liners. It is super black which is also really nice. I have tried the posh ones but they all run out at the same speed so I may as well spend less!
  9. Clinique MascaraI have mixed reviews about this. I have used this for years and love the fact that it has a really thin brush which means that the lashes look really long. It is also fab for bottom lashes. However, it doesn’t give a huge amount of volume or colour so I normally go over the top with a cheap one that just makes them super black.
  10. NYX Brow GelThis is a cheap version of the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow but it is fab. I use a slanted brush and apply this to the whole brow and it stays on all day which is fab for me. Eyebrows are a big part of my make up as I have no natural ones (I do, but very thin!)
  11. Sephora Brow PowderThis is a product that I picked up in Athens in Greece which I absolutely love! It just fills in the brows but isn’t massively waterproof so has to accompany another product. When this runs out, I will see if I buy another one as I will have to get it from another country so if I can find a cheaper alternative I will probably try another one.


  12. Beauty BlendersThere was so much hype around beauty blenders before I tried them and I am not the worlds biggest fan of the big ones but I use the little ones to blend the concealer under my eyes and absolutely love them! Thumbs up 🙂


    Much Love x