I have bugs under my skin…

This isn’t a very pleasant blog post.

I have had eczema my whole life. I am constantly covered in scars, blemishes and rashes (sexy I know!) and therefore a few weeks ago, when some new ones popped up I didn’t think anything of it. it was only when they started to spread and itch like crazy I thought I should book a GP appointment.

I have scabies. Bloody scabies.

Last year, I dated an arsehole for a while, and I think he either didn’t fancy me, or was gay, because honestly, any excuse to not have to get down and dirty he would take it. But about 6 months in, he got scabies and it was a right palaver, before that I had never even heard of it!

But now I feel like it is karma coming back to bite me on the bum for insulting him and accusing him of using it as an excuse not to see me.

It is vile.

I feel disgusting. I have rashes all over me, I itch like mad, I feel them crawling under my skin(eww!) and I get a weird tingly feeling all over me. The thought of it is gross.

The worst part is, I have no idea if they are gone (I have used the cream) because every single website tells you something different and people seem to have them for months!

It is literally all I can think about and is making me feel really down, and really self conscious so if anyone has any advice at all, I would be really grateful.


Thanks 🙂


11 thoughts on “I have bugs under my skin…

  1. DM says:

    sounds terrible! Hope you do get some relief SOON!. I have not had to deal with that (yet) My creepy-crawlies are bigger…I just saw a rat last week out by my shop. There is a reason they say “they multiply like rats”..ie. they reproduce quickly…and to see one in the day light is not a good sign. Take care. DM

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  2. Jim Lantern says:

    Normal Scabies with fewer then 100 mites on or in skin cause more itching than Advanced Crusted Scabies aka Norweigen Scabies mites (what I’ve had) with hundreds to thousands of mites on the body and in the skin – causing deep pain, surface burning like a severe sunburn, and stinging. One dose of prescription Permethrin Cream and the Ivermectin pill is not enough to kill the advanced kind, and the cream will not penetrate the crusted ridges the mites use as shields to live in. Worse then bedbugs they are more comparable to intelligent ants but using human bodies for nests instead of the ground.

    After a cat got fleas and my apartment was invaded by roaches, I walked over to Dollar General store to buy bug spray. I read ingredients to buy the most effective. Shocked when I read the active ingredient of Hot Shot bug spray for fleas lice tics is Permethrin – can also kill Scabies mites – and in liquid spray form can penetrate the crusted ridges of advanced kind to kill them. No prescription needed, $3 per can. Makes sense – use bug spray to kill bugs, whatever they are on. Caution, however, in that form will kill cats, no harm to dogs, can irritate skin on humans. The trick is to spray it on affected skin when the mites are most active about every 12 hours around sunset and sunrise, catch them while on the surface of your skin when they are not hiding below, spray it on, kills them instantly – but wait an hour and then hot shower it all off – but end the shower with cold water to cool the skin. There will be painful damage to skin from mites and from treatments to kill them, but all should heal in about 2 months after all mites are dead. Keep in mind, as skin heals, it itches – so it is the healing process that then itches, not new mites hopefully. I recommend Excedrin [containing Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Caffeine] to reduce pain, inflammation, and restore energy pain took away. If stomach problem/pain results, try one spoonful of baking soda in half cup cold water.

    If I understand correctly, you determined your source of mites. In my case, I’ve not determined source, but I know it was not from direct human contact. The Scabies mites can live on other surfaces for up to 3 days. So transfer is from an infected person to (for example) a chair, and then the next person to sit in that chair can catch the mites. No doubt, that’s how I caught them – from an object – not a person, but I’ve not yet determined for certain where and when and what from. A person can be infected or be a carrier for over a month before symptoms appear. Not knowing the source, I could be infected again. In fact, I was infected 3 times since first onset in October 2016. I noticed a pattern. One place stood out. A grocery store I go to once-in-a-while. Each return I was reinfected – source could be someone working there like a clerk at checkout or from grocery cart handles, but not confirmed.

    Celiac Disease rash resembles Advanced Scabies rash. One can be misdiagnosed for the other. CD is genetic and damages the small intestine, takes 2 years to heal after going on a gluten-free diet. Wheat/gluten does the internal damage, and somehow triggers the painful skin rash. As I was battling Scabies rash, I experienced onset of CD rash, so I’ve had the bad luck of having both. I killed the Scabies mites, finally, but skin damage from those yet to heal. Likewise skin damage from CD rash I’ve knocked down 90% with special diet. I’ve never experienced anything worse. Bedbugs invasion in 2011 was bad but Scabies is worse, and CD rash is worse than those.

    There’s no consensus for effective treatment of Advanced Crusted Scabies like I’ve had. What works for one person might not work for others. Experiment, try old home remedies, but proceed with caution. Also, I’ve found pharmacists to be better informed than doctors (MD or DO or dermatologists) who usually don’t have time to read newest treatment information. You can learn more from Internet too like WebMD than your own doctor knows.

    The good news is they can be killed. Bad news is healing takes time. Some cases, they die out or depart on their own in a couple of months. There’s a kind that can reinfect you every 7 years, therefore known as the Seven Year Itch. Anyway, don’t give up hope. You will survive this, you will get your life back, but it will take time – a lot of suffering, so I know what you are going through. What really angers me the most is health care officials are not doing enough to put a stop to Scabies. Greed rules – money first, health care last if any at all – it’s a vulture culture now.


      • Jim Lantern says:

        For the itching, in my case, and might work for you, sprays are better than creams or ointments that clog the skin pores and so increase inflammation. I discovered using a soft washcloth soaked in warm water and softly rub it on where it itches will provide some temporary relief. Burn relief spray can deaden the skin, but it can cause burning pain when applying and too much of it can hurt the skin like a chemical burn or severe sunburn. Also, in my case, I discovered antihistamines like Benedryl (Diphenhydramine) caplets makes the itching worse instead of stopping it. And it is in other products like sleep aids so beware of those. Medicated Gold Bond Body Powder using Menthol for anti-itch and Zinc Oxide to protect and heal skin. Eat foods containing zinc to speed up skin healing. Clothes don’t itch as much with the powder on your skin, but keeping it on too long can make the itching worse, so then shower it off – let your skin be dry before applying more powder.

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      • Jim Lantern says:

        Remember to wash clothing and bedding so you don’t re-catch the Scabies mites from those, as well as spraying carpet and furniture. Some things you can bag-up for 3 days – make it 5 days to be sure or even a week – trapped in the bags the mites will die without human blood to keep them alive.

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  3. Jim Lantern says:

    Use any cheap carpet cleaner now and again when you believe the mites on you are dead. Vacuum carpet daily – but only areas you frequent in your home – rooms you are in for a long period of time – bedroom, living room. Likewise use any cheap spray furniture cleaner safe for fabrics that can contain the mites, like treating bedbugs. Some of the steps for killing bedbugs is the same for Scabies mites, including the expensive heat treatment of 135F for 7 hours with special heaters for apartments and houses – or on a hot day put suspected items out in direct sunlight. You know the legend of vampires being killed by direct sunlight. Guess where it came from in real life. Blood sucking bugs that are more active at night. I found a bedbug on a shirt in a closet, took it out and hung it in direct sunlight – killed the bug in 2 minutes. Does that work for humans too? Maybe, maybe not. The sunlight on you could force the mites to go deeper under your skin if not killing them on the surface. A neighbor put an infected mattress out in direct sunlight on a 100F+ summer day, causing hundreds of bedbugs to come out of the mattress and then die in direct sunlight. We also sprayed them as they came out.

    Pillows and mattress might not be as much of a problem with Scabies mites as is with bedbugs, but keeping sheets and pillow cases and blankets clean is best. I simply soak them in hot water in a big bucket for an hour, then hang them up to dry. Same can be done for clothes, but better to use a washer and dryer. HOWEVER, isolation works too! Rotate clothing and other items. Isolate them away from you and any blood source for 3 to 5 days, then no need to clean them if already clean. Use plastic bags, or put items in a closet you will not go back into for that length of time. Don’t forget to isolate items you wear that are not easy to wash – shoes, hats, gloves, coats. Safe to wear them again after 3 to 5 days.

    It’s almost a “Catch-22” trap. The mites being killed on you so they don’t get on other things, and the mites being killed on other things so they don’t get on you. Its a biological war, fighting them. So what to do first. Doctors recommend applying the cream for 8 hours to entire body from neck down, and while the cream is on you and should be killing the mites on you, then use those 8 hours to wash or isolate everything you have contact with that the mites can get on or hide in. That prescribed pill is intended to kill the mites under your skin. But then the trick is to catch them when they surface. Repeated cream treatments twice per week might eventually kill the advanced kind of Scabies mites. Maybe 3 to 4 treatments, and more effective if done from about 4pm to midnight. During that time, do the cleaning, isolate items, take it easy – listen to music, or watch TV or read a book to help pass the time and distract you from the comfort.

    If you can get Hot Shot bug spray for lice, tics, and fleas, or any bug spray with active ingredient Permethrin, then spray it on carpet and furniture and curtains.

    Also, if you can buy a can of the Deep Woods OFF! bug repellent or any similar with strongest ingredients. Mainly maximum amount of DEET. Apply that to clothing, carpet, furniture, etc after using the bug spray to kill them. The DEET spray can help to break the “Catch-22” cycle of the mites jumping between you and furniture to survive. Make no mistake about it, those mites are very intelligent.

    During the bedbugs invasion, I bought a small dome tent that can be set up inside a room instead of outside to use like a mosquitoes net but to encase the bed – and I bought an airbed mattress to put inside the tent. The bedbugs could not penetrate the material of the tent and can’t penetrate the material of the airbed. But they are intelligent. I found hundreds of them along the outside of the tent door zipper, waiting for me. I used the Raid Bed Bug Spray to kill them – it will kill the visible adults on contact, but can’t kill their eggs. Only the heat treatment can kill bedbug eggs.

    Although Scabies are mainly transferred person-to-person, they are not classified as a STD, because a simple handshake in greeting can result in the mites going from one person to another. Extremely contagious. So there’s no chance I’m the only victim here in Norman Oklahoma. But who is tracking it? And it should be tracked like a major disease outbreak. Unfortunately, the local city-county health care authority, like the CDC, refuses to take reports directly from citizens, They only accept reports from doctors, clinics, hospitals. That happens only if enough people go to the same doctor who them realizes enough people are being infected to justify reporting it to the health authority and the CDC. So the problem can go on for a long time and get much worse before the proper authorities pull their heads out of their rears and do something about it. Like track down, isolate, and treat the main carrier source or sources.

    Something else I’m looking into. The Celiac Disease gluten-free diet made me think of the possibility. What happens when food taste bad or smells bad? You don’t eat it. Maybe a way to make blood taste or smell bad so the mites will depart your body. Could be a beverage, or something in food, that will not harm you but make blood undesirable to them. Or something natural you can wear or put on your body. Or both intake and wear. Garlic? There is a long history of using garlic to get rid of many insects, from slug to mosquito. In particular garlic has a reputation for protecting people from mosquito bites – some think that this could be the origin of the belief that vampires are scared of garlic. There are a number of commercial garlic sprays on the market, these effectively coat an area and produce a natural mosquito barrier. Garlic is more effective at repelling some species of mosquito than others. For that reason many of the commercial preparations available include a number of different repellent ingredients such as catnip and soy as well as garlic. Will it stop mites? I don’t know. Worth a try. No harm. Garlic bread? Garlic on popcorn? Wear a garlic necklace? Give them a try. Let me know if any of those work. Write about it at your blog site.

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