My Favourite Thing: My Filofax


Call me weird, but I love organisation.


It is genuinely one of my biggest pleasures in life. The thought of an unorganised desk, diary, or life to be honest, makes me feel sick.


Even as a child, the thought of going back to September was significantly improved by the fact that I could reorganise my pencil case, and get myself some new gel pens. This feeling still has not changed – paper chase is still my idea of absolute heaven!


Also, call me old fashioned, but I am not great at online organisation. People always say to me, IO do not know why you even use a diary, just use the calendar on your phone. Nope! I do not trust it for one, and I just like the idea of writing something on paper.


So, I thought that I would share with you all my method of organisation and my favourite bit of stationary ever!! Hope you enjoy J


In January, I decided I wanted a new system. I have had diaries in the past and my last one worked quite well but it wasn’t spiral bound which meant that it didn’t stay open on the desk which irritated me. So I went to John Lewis to look at diaries and stumbled upon the new love of my life!


I have had a Filofax before but didn’t get on with it very well because the boxes were too small to write in, and my job require me to write a lot in it. But when I saw this I couldn’t say no!

This is the Rose Gold Saffriano Limited edition Personal Filofax in Rose gold.

isn’t it just beautiful!!!

Along with the rest of the world, I am totally obsessed with everything rose gold, but even 2 months after originally purchasing this, I still look at it everyday and admire tis beauty. I just absolute love it.

I bought some page-a-day inserts to go in it so that I didn’t have the same issue as last time. I also got some personalised monthly dividers from Etsy so that I can easily flick between months.


Everyone organises themselves in a slightly different way but I jus thought I would share my method. It is actually very messy and scribbly but I quite like the look of a jam packed Filofax that is clearly being used.

So I actually use it as more of a to do list. Everyday, I write down my tasks for the day (mostly, work related) and as I compete them I erase them with a pink highlighter. Any events for the day go onto a coloured stick label. This means that I can (and have) planned months in advance, for example. I have already written a to do in April when I know that my phone contract expires. It just means that everything is in one place and it works really well for me.



I would love to know what method or organisation you all use, and what you think of mine!

Thanks 🙂


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