Role Models? 

I’ve never really had role models. Even when I was growing up, I never looked up to celebrities or modelled my life on anyone in particular.
However, in more recent years, I have looked at women in the public eye and applauded their bravery and determination for a lot more than what they look like. I am going to talk about 2 women here.

1. J.K Rowling – one of the most successful women in Britain, sitting on a small fortune, has been children’s bestseller for over 10 years with no chance of being knocked off, but none of that is the reason that I admire her. Before her success, Rowling was living on the breadline, not having enough money to top up her electricity meter. The only thing she did have was an idea – A good one. She got rejected by publishers 7 times before someone finally decided to give Harry Potter a chance. I bet all of those other publishers are kicking themselves! My point here is that she didn’t give up- she had sheer determination and believed in her dream, and I think this makes her a fantastic role model.

2. Michelle Obama – I don’t know an awful lot about her, but I know she, much like Rowling, came from nothing. She was thrust into a position she never asked for, and chose not to just be someone’s wife, but instead to forge her own path and do so with grace and dignity. She has repeatedly told young people that they can, and they will, and this is what makes her a fantastic role model.

I am not saying that I want to be an author or a politician, but I want to have determination, strength, integrity, bravery, and belief- all of which these two women have in their bucket loads.


2 thoughts on “Role Models? 

  1. harulawordsthatserve says:

    Great choices! I too admire those two women very much. Closer to home, there are a couple of women (friends/colleagues of mine) making their living through inspired creativity who are teaching me a lot, and giving me the faith to try to make something of my own gift. Thanks for sharing, and indeed – the key is to never give up! Blessings, Harula xxx


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